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Amazing gamePosted by Rawanii s 2013-08-01

When u want to change the toonix you will just need to click on CREATE A TOONIX then when u get your toonix click on the body part you want to change and to randomeize your toonix but only SHAKE your ipad,ipod,mobile and etc.simple and easy

Posted by Molly Kilpatrick 2014-01-03

My little sister is always on the laptop and then I saw you can get it on play store so I downloaded it and know if I am going on my phone I see a new few new people It is really really really good

ShantyPosted by Shakima Stevens 2014-01-24

This game cool but sucks they say u can even create your favourite cartoon like adventure time and u cant and they say u can decorate your house but u cant if u reading this dont u will see Kk!

Love itPosted by Sahar Tahir 2014-10-16

Its a very good game and you only have to press create your toonix I just got the game and its awesomely awesome so pls get it and play its very nice so I gave it five stars

Posted by Loiy Wael 2016-07-02

لاعب ج اللعبه روعه جميل جدا يعني اللعبه دي والله روعه روعه اول مره اشوف لعبه حلوه

I totally love itPosted by ArtinaStar Tarokh 2015-11-16

Its a fun and great game! good job making it cartoon network company and I'm a big fan of yours especially of the cartoon adventure time

AMAZINGPosted by Lily Cheek 2015-04-20


How do you choose the outfit colourPosted by Theo Cavanagh 2016-06-13

It is impossible add outfit colour I want to make a toonixl it blue skin and a red top with nothing else and bring back old toonix#

تنهامعحاعدنااةرتجحننخا اتااتللتتةكتاة تتا. تتهاااات هاPosted by Hima Hassan 2014-05-23

تاااختتخهخاااااهخخخاههااهااخههههههههاهاها لاااااات ازهر اازز ررتر رت

ررررررررررروعة انصحكم تنزلوهاPosted by محمد جبار 2016-07-30

بمابيه فاروس تحميله سريع على التلفون كلمسي حتا نصبها على الكسي

The other thing is that you are looking at it and it will be able to make sure to check it out of thPosted by Elagaizi Aisha 2015-05-06

Thanks for your time and money when collecting tickets to see the full amount of money and time again for your email

RubishPosted by Cailen Caine 2014-04-13

It has slown down my phone alot lately and.... none of my other apps will work.Owner if ur reading this u suck

Best gamePosted by omar nine 36 2016-07-18

Best game p.c. I know that doesn't mean any since

its not workingPosted by Essam Ahmed 2016-07-31

its not working when I open the game it didnt work please fix it I will rate you 5 stars. and thank you

TristanPosted by Tristan Buchanan 2015-08-19

i love it and I love the costumes and I am a big fan of cartoon network and I love all the cartoons

Lovely gamePosted by heba abdelazim 2015-05-03

Ilove it ,my kids and my friends you make your cracter and play it so

Amazing.Posted by Marelize du Plessis 2014-04-04

I love this game. It's really fun and you can create your toonix how ever you want. Smart to install

******Posted by Junaed Syed 2013-08-01

très bon match. fonctionne très bien sur mon appareil sans décalage. merci aux développeurs.

Posted by Maddie Scott 2016-04-10

It won't load when downloading I have had it loading for 20 mins and it's not even downloded

Still goodPosted by odeta s 2017-01-10

When I try playing it takes hours to load and didn't work on my old phone please fix it

MariomaPosted by Marioma Hassan 2015-07-23


AwsomePosted by Leen Chit 2015-07-17

This game is awsome,but can you make the game the monster ate my birthday cake free?

Cartoon networkPosted by Delali Agblanya 2015-07-23

I love it so so so so so so so so much we can't just tell you how to go on the cup

WowPosted by Isha Mistry 2014-03-07

Best game ever. It can be a bit boring. Needs improving on the toonix itself.

GOOD BUT buffer gamepad..Posted by Joshua Omoregie 2015-11-14

The game is good but it buffers in the game map select fix it please

Posted by george Hughes 2015-07-31

I love the way u can have adventure time costumes it is my gave show

Loved it.Posted by ItsNS 2015-07-15

At first,I dint know how to play now also I don't know how to play.

I likePosted by 2016-08-13

It so good but add an option where you can play with out internet

Loved itPosted by Peter Alam 2015-07-11

Waw waw this is the best game on the world♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

CoolPosted by Tobi Odusami 2015-07-24

Iv played it on pc and it was great so it should be better here

I love toonixPosted by Iqra Iqbal 2014-11-18

Its a bit boring, theres nothing 2 do. I wish I could log in.

This Game Is For KidsPosted by darlene aguis 2016-12-30

Kids Like Toon Game my kid is a boy and his name is Deijean

GoodPosted by Hazeeq Hazeem 2014-11-07

Please make the Mutant Fridge Mayhem game come to Android

NicePosted by David Vlastevski 2013-04-09

I dont know it s like relly cool trying it wasent so bad

Not too great but goodPosted by Roqeeb Murtala 2015-08-22

CUPS!!!!! I'm connected but does not work what the heck

CoolPosted by Cillian Leake 2013-03-13

Hi Peeps this app alowes you to take tooonix eneewer

Love it its epicPosted by Harry Butcher 2015-07-24

The one game I can actually play and relax amazing

Posted by hayley moroke 2014-06-25

Loved it but thats not how to spell wen is w h e n

Love itPosted by Juliana Lawand 2015-05-02

This toonix can make ice king and finn and jake

love it!!Posted by Elene Jelia 2014-09-19

its supper and greatest game of cartoon netwoork

NicePosted by Mariam Abdolmonem 2014-04-26

I always wanted a toonix and now I will have one

ToonixPosted by Heba Hakam 2013-07-08

Is awesome and great graphics and it looks great

SickPosted by Ilham Sahardid 2015-11-29

Proper because you can see friends and all that

Posted by Ahmed Tamer 2015-08-09

Hated it disliked it it,ok liked it loved it

Samsung GALAXY S III miniPosted by Julian Gabriel Argallon 2013-06-27

It's Performance Is Outstanding Good Job!!!

ToonixPosted by Lee-Anke Adams 2016-03-12

So cool nothing is wrong everything is gr8

AwesomePosted by Ryan Mitchell 2015-11-15

you can create a name for him swisl cake's

Please make Toonix super stadia on playstorPosted by HM Games 2015-08-12


Posted by Nahom Berhane 2016-01-15

The game is nice but it won't download

Love itPosted by TheZack120 Gt 2015-07-13

I love it this game so cool and good :)

AwesomePosted by Legendary_ Hannah 2015-08-11

The game is epic I really like playing

The creating gamePosted by Hussein Abdallah 2014-03-04

I love it we can create our own avatar

Galaxy S2Posted by خالد كريم 2012-12-28

I thank cartoon network for this game.

Posted by Amal Mohammed 2015-02-18


AwsomePosted by sevita ciawie 2013-12-22

Tonnix is one of my favorite cartoon

Besssssssssssssssssst gamePosted by Taqi Shah 2015-08-24

Skating is so cool u should play it

Posted by Blanka Biro 2015-08-19

Kiraly toltsetek le nagyon ajanlom!

Posted by elzaim webas 2015-05-16

عالم تونكس المذهل***

Good gamePosted by HeavyPotato 2014-03-31

Excellent game but needs improvment

Posted by Raouf Scheer 2014-07-02

This game is cool if you play it.

Posted by hanan gabry 2015-09-12


Love it <3 x 999999999Posted by Lewisnathanthebeastzcraft / LNTBC 2015-02-04

I LOVE TOONIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved it very muchPosted by Knowledge Makhoana 2014-09-15

It is awesome I really loved it

Love itPosted by 하영오 2015-08-28

This game always make me happy

Posted by ali mohamed 2015-02-14

Its good but you should update

Posted by Zeki Metalla 2014-09-26

I love this game is super cool

ذتعتالقرذلاةغاPosted by Nada Odibat 2013-12-18


Best gamePosted by 2016-08-23

Fun and simply best game ever

Posted by yasmine omar 2016-06-07

It's beautiful game i love it

ToonixPosted by ovidiu straton 2015-08-31


Great thanks to who ever created this gamePosted by Rakugi Sangare 2015-07-11

The graphics looks so amazing

ToonixPosted by Peter Usumero 2015-06-07

That game is like so createiv

Posted by Mey Alsabahy 2015-04-24

I now this game but I love it

HiPosted by Andre Lahi 2014-03-01

My toonix name is DARKFIRE853

GreatPosted by Aji Abdillah 2013-04-02

This app is very awesome cool

Great gamePosted by Tyseer Majed 2013-01-25

Thank you for this great game

Posted by Darryl Adjei 2016-02-01

Looks so good it's wonderful

AwesomePosted by Danial Evans 2014-11-12

How to de awesome but i like

Awsome gamePosted by Jannah Wael 2013-09-08

It is so so so so so awesome

The game isPosted by Mona Mohamed 2015-07-04

The game is awesome like it

Nice i downlaod now this is appPosted by Fatouma Ben 2015-05-07

My children love tonix good

I godPosted by Alan Bensz 2016-05-19

Wey everyone don't like it

Posted by basuny00 ' 2016-03-10

but sir ineed more 2 games

الفصلياءPosted by Ragb Elhadad 2015-07-31

اللعبة دي روعة

Posted by Haha Haha 2015-07-28

it is a very nice game ...

Posted by Lujain OB 2015-06-27

Amazing app☆☆☆☆☆

CoolPosted by Brosly King 2016-05-15

Its only somehow childish

Posted by Anisa Ali 2015-04-17

So cute i love this game

Posted by lola lily 2014-08-19

Great website great app

Awsom!Posted by BOOODY 5000 2013-04-27

Things that are awesome

10000000000000000 starsPosted by Nadeen Ahmed 2016-06-27

This game is beautiful

Love itPosted by Mohammad Awada 2015-08-13

This game is very nice

AwesomePosted by Jayawi Jayaweera 2015-07-16

This is a awesome game

Posted by Mahmoud Mostafa 2015-07-09

رأعة جدآ جدآ

GreatPosted by Ayoub hamchach 2014-07-16

I like this app. Thanx

I watching in tvPosted by امير اليمني 2013-09-07

Thank you for the game

HkPosted by Nayer عايز رقم تليو فونك اه صحيح انت اسمك ايه Raef 2015-05-12

Like Manny gohoy said

Posted by Dina alaa 2015-08-25

I love toonix ♡♡

So coolPosted by Maro Marwan 2015-07-20

It so cool I love it

Posted by Ramiaguero Adell 2015-01-13

Gumball Darwin anais

Posted by Yashica Deonarain 2014-11-21

Mmm... owner read

I'm rozlanny toonixPosted by Donna Lancaster 2014-07-09

It is epic I love it

Wow. It is very goodPosted by A Google User 2013-09-03

Wow. It is very good

Posted by مَحٌتّرفِّ أّلَهِګرزِّ 2014-09-13

Yes yes yes yes yes

ToonixPosted by Hasan Madi 2014-03-27

I love toonix a lot

I love itPosted by Adel Abdallah 2014-03-23

Its the. Best game

ExcellentPosted by Aya Salmi 2013-08-04

Its so fun XD XD XD

AlexichimPosted by Alex Ichin 2015-08-24

E cel mai tare joc

Posted by Mohamed Beshr 2015-08-20


Posted by Ziena Tarek 2014-06-19

I love these game

FantasticPosted by Richard Calix 2013-11-26

It is very awesome

Posted by Mario Auob 2015-10-25

كرتون باب

love itPosted by Elias Anky 2015-05-13

i love this game.

Posted by East Asia 2014-08-10

I think I like it

CoolioPosted by Yaseen Mohamed 2013-02-02

Cool game, thanks

I LIKE IT BUTPosted by Ihsane digua 2016-07-02

The game lololol

GOOD,AWESOME,AMAZINGPosted by omar saadeh 2014-12-23


awsomePosted by Amr Hani 2014-01-01

I love this game

Greatest game everPosted by Samuel Hawke 2013-04-05

Asome to the max

Hate itPosted by MADU FLORENCE 2016-04-23

It doesn't work

Bugy But...Posted by FoxyThe Pirate 2015-11-02

Good Its Great!

YessPosted by Thobo Mohutsiwa 2015-10-13

The cups opened

its awsomePosted by The Random8ors 2014-10-06

its just awsome

omgPosted by A Google User 2014-06-30

nice i loved it

So muchPosted by lelyan mahmoud 2013-09-03

I like dis game

Posted by Reflexiones de Impacto 2016-07-26

This is awsome

GoodPosted by Cory Hargreaves 2015-10-26

Wood best game

Posted by Amal Mahmoud 2015-10-06

Best game ever

Rank SSSPosted by Medium Boy Medium Boy 2015-07-31

Perfect Toonix

Posted by Basmala Hamed 2015-04-24

Very nice game

Toonix!Posted by Moudi Taleb 2014-08-23

Beautiful game

Posted by shaymaa kawash 2014-08-17

I love too nix

Posted by TiccTacc 2014-05-28

Funny ha ha ha

GPosted by Totot Totott 2013-09-05

Toonix is cute

GreatPosted by Alfaisal Albadi 2012-12-27

Nice I love it

Iove itPosted by Yousuf El-Okda 2016-07-21

Iove the game

NicePosted by Hassan Alanany 2016-07-05

It is soo fun

Posted by Youssef Islam 2015-09-11

She game open

NicePosted by MD 16 2015-09-01

Exciting game

TahaPosted by Karbaja taha 2014-07-13

I love toonix

Posted by Shelley Hufana 2014-06-10

I love Toonix

Google is a 5 star web searchPosted by Kuwait Kuwsity 2013-06-09

I love google

He vs nosbrPosted by Chea Sopheap 2013-04-25

Shag Kosuhsh

Love love lovePosted by Graal Tutorials 2015-11-26

I love this

konpiterimde varimdi adi Gipnoz1Posted by Nicat Eyubov 2014-10-18

adi Gipnoz1

SuummaryPosted by F- Sama 2013-12-19

Tonixe sixy

:PPosted by Chhayarith Tes 2013-08-18

I love them

Amazing gamePosted by Ahmed Saleh 2013-08-11

It's so fun

MaggiePosted by Maggie Vamp 2013-07-22

Me likey!!!

I can't play why???Posted by Younees Makhlouf 2016-02-06

Plz fix it

Posted by Geometry Dash Lavacake 2015-11-19


i like this gamePosted by hammad mushthak 2015-09-10

and toonix

wooooowPosted by Abdo Kh 2015-08-28

its cooool

HappyPosted by youssef zaki 2015-05-21

Great game

GoodPosted by Ali Hamza 2015-05-15


Posted by شهد الفيومي 2015-02-25


Posted by Aa Engx 2014-08-09


Posted by Khaled Aziz 2014-05-27


Posted by Ben A 2014-04-30


Posted by Rabby Zulkifli 2014-04-05

Zurich Kg3

KailanPosted by Ashley Franklin 2014-01-05

Great game

Toonix.Posted by Zariq Azlan 2013-03-13

I love it.

Posted by Dina Aly 2016-06-17


OioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioioPosted by Mahinaz Ouf 2016-06-07


Posted by Natan Bogdanow 2015-12-27

Cool baby

of the gamePosted by soliman awashreh 2015-10-19

very good

Rami nesserPosted by Rami Nesser 2015-08-31

Gode game

Posted by Gaj Zvonimir 2015-08-03

Cn yeyyyy

Posted by MJ Francisco 1125 2015-07-22


HohihuhaPosted by Elias Abou Rached 2015-07-11

I love CN

Posted by Sami Etry 2015-05-14

Very good

MarkPosted by mark magdy 2015-05-10

I love it

Posted by sendokai champions 2015-03-29


WoWPosted by Mohammed Hany 2014-06-15

I love it

ToonixPosted by Yaya Adam 2014-06-14


I LoVe This gamePosted by Nayaossam Mohammadn 2014-06-02

Very nice

Posted by Farah Khaled 2014-06-01

I love cm

Posted by mohab Hussien 2014-03-23

Good luck

Nice game andPosted by Salha Albalushi 2014-03-21

I love it

:)Posted by Kitty Plays Offical 2014-03-08

its cool.

Extra gosckturykochamajeczkejanickomxddPosted by Michał Grzywna 2014-03-03

Supper =)

AwesomePosted by Young Link 2014-03-03


SuckPosted by mohamed hems 2014-01-26


AwesomePosted by Pendo Mwangi 2014-01-03

FC gxgfjc

ExcellentPosted by mohamed elfayomy 2013-12-21

I love it

RdwanPosted by rdwan alqasmi 2017-01-01

Nice game

YoussefPosted by Radwa Rashed 2015-10-31


Posted by abdala abdalmalk 2015-10-25


Posted by Nathan Ochieng 2015-10-17

Loved it

Really goodPosted by Isabel Jarvis 2015-06-07


Posted by Casian's Channel 2015-05-05

Its cool

Posted by אחמד אלבדור 2015-04-23


Posted by hana osama 2015-01-07

Loved it

Samsung tab 4Posted by Owsome Aroosh 2015-01-07

Loved it

Posted by ahmed abuamer 2014-10-03

Loved it

LolPosted by Minato Namikaze 2014-08-10

cool app

MustafaPosted by Moustafa Najjr 2014-05-23


AwesomePosted by Ban Yamano 2014-02-24

Game man

Posted by اسماء الغرياني 2014-01-12


I♥youPosted by ezzat younis 2013-12-28



Ne-am notat comentariile tale şi avem acum o aplicaţie complet funcţională şi stabilă pe care să te joci din nou.


Creează-ţi propriul avatar Toonix, alege o placă şi dă o tură pe pistele din serialele tale Cartoon Network favorite: Să-nceapă aventura, Ben 10: Omnivers, Uimitoarea lume a lui Gumball şi Un show obişnuit!

Schimbă-i Toonixului tău ochii, gura şi părul sau echipează-l cu costume şi accesorii super.

Toonix nu se tem de cameră! Aşa că fă o poză creaţiei tale unice şi arat-o prietenilor tăi.

Strânge cât mai multe monezi şi poţi debloca mai multe niveluri şi plăci de skateboarding. Le poţi colecţiona în timpul jocului sau le poţi cumpăra de la magazin.

Te poţi juca cu Toonixul tău într-o mulţime de feluri: gândilă-l, pune-l să facă piruete sau să strănute. Descoperă-le pe toate!

"Acest joc conţine achiziţii în interiorul aplicaţiei: cumpără pachete cu stele sau plăteşte pentru a debloca întregul joc
Nu uita: nu este nevoie să faci vreo achiziţie pentru a avea o experienţă de joc nemaipomenită."

Acest joc este disponibil în următoarele limbi: arabă, engleză, franceză, italiană, portugheză, rusă, spaniolă şi turcă.
Dacă ai probleme cu această aplicaţie, contactează-ne la [email protected] Spune-ne ce probleme ai, precum şi ce dispozitiv foloseşti şi versiunea OS.

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