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RUBBISH! BOOOOOOPosted by Leonie Beesley 2016-03-30

I thought this game was gonna be good and I was very excited but I can't get passed cups and that is not a level I'm just saying for the people who haven't played it yet but DONT GET IT IM TELLING YOU anyway its loading but it keeps loading and it looks like it gonna finish but it doesn't so don't download it( unless you know how to fix it) but I couldn't even play it so all I have to say is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOO

EmbarrassingPosted by Lubna T. 2014-03-22

when I press the "Create your toonix" there is no finish button. I wish when theres a finish button I would press it and the toonix would be the toonix I created and when I press the play with me button I will find the toonix I created, if you know what I mean.

Thumbs downPosted by Madison Sharkett 2015-03-29

It's not even like the real online game and all it does is show you a picture on your screen of a plain white toonix!!!!! I mean, it says you can dress it but you can't!!! ITS A WASTE OF TIME. Guys who are reading this DONT IGNORE ME. Wrote my Madison

CrapPosted by Mikel Arenas 2015-08-10

When i first opened it. It said 'NOT CONNECTED' how could that be possible? My phone had full bars!!!!! And also can you tell me to how you can go pass the cups?! You are making me ANGRY+++++++!!!!!!!!!!!

OkPosted by Darie Quintero 2013-08-26

Me gustaria poder jugar con el toonix que haya creado y que el toonix sea mas intelingente. Que pida cosas que necesite incluso al minimizar el app y q se escuche el toonix y no solo la musica de fondo etc

WHAT IS THIS?!Posted by Izabela Osakowicz 2015-12-14

THE WEBSITE IS WAY BETTER! I HATE THIS BECAUSE: no girl eyes, no pattern, laggy , no girly skateboard, no MIXELS scateboard and cups don't work! Big list right! UPDATE IT NOW I CAN HACK!

Such a waste of time!Posted by CM Gamer 202 2016-01-24

This app is really bad like really really bad! When u go on to to cups there is a glitch in this and finally when it stops it says this app is not working! People don't get this app!

Doesn't workPosted by Kerry Marron 2016-08-30

Once you've chosen your board and click play, it just sticks on the loading screen and the screen keeps flashing.. if you ever fix it so I can play it il change my rating.

HOW DO I SAVE MY TOONIX??!!!Posted by Tyler Bailey 2013-08-31

I wrote this long review but I accidentally pressed cancel :+(...!!! So I'm gunna say it short I PRESSED EVERY BUTTON I SAW AND DUNNO HOW TO SAVE IT pls reply :-(!

I love it...but they say there is not connection please try again...Posted by leena and maryam 2015-08-12

like what..if there was no internet access then how I opened restore purshase..and create my toonix ...please fix it and I will send u a feed back...thanks

Sham on you cratoon network games:'(:'(:'(Posted by Game Tuts110 2016-09-04

That is not good I have allwayas it s loding on cups there no one fix it please shame on you this game is lost storage of mobile shame on you :'(:'(:'(

GrrPosted by Kai Taylor 2015-10-23

This is nothing compared to the actual toonix.... Not increasing my star rate for this, The dumb cups doing even work either! Never playing this again.

WHY CANT I PASS THE CUPS ??? !!!Posted by saracha GUY 2015-08-09

I Can't Get Passed the CUPS! It always says there is no internet connection when the Wi-Fi bar is full!!! It's just a waste of storage! :'(

SucksPosted by Maryna Wardhaugh 2015-11-27

When I press cups it just keeps loading and loading but nothing happens the only thing that happens is that the screen flashes

Change itPosted by Zara Rose 2013-11-01

Every time I make a avatar I go back onto the home screen and it hasn't saved my avatar. Get it sorted out and many a 5 star

It is a crappy gamePosted by Harley Gaming 2016-01-09

All you people sayin "Oh it's a good game" srsly?? Thats dumb .-. All you ppl saying "The cups won't work." It's smart..

F**** this gamePosted by Andrej Gliguroski 2015-08-30


Can't get passed the cupsPosted by Angless Rex 2015-08-22

It always says no internet connection I can't play the ****ing game deal with this if you want a five star rating

I hate itPosted by dalia essam 2016-05-14

When I finish creating The character I go to the cups and it's keeping loading and loading ! I HATE IT VERY MUCH.

Don't like it...Posted by Mir Gohram Gichki 2015-08-09

Trying to download and my Samsung galaxy tab 4 has 2 gb space free, and every time I try to download it's error

BoringPosted by Emma Pollard 2013-01-27

Not much to do you can create a character and that is pretty much it don't waste your time downloading this

BoringPosted by Rabia Chowdhury 2014-12-14

This game is soooo unlike the one on my laptop. You cant make your own world amd much more it is so boring

CupsPosted by hamood Almanji 2016-06-07

Why do the cups don't load even if I close the game completely it doesn't work and I try ed a 100 times

Dum app can't play itPosted by rockyhorse 6000 2015-12-23

Cups don't work and it is the main thing of the app bad bad bad. Suggested : don't install this app

-_-Posted by Zaifful Nizzam Md Nasir 2015-09-28

Fk dude I can't play cup.... It say no internet connection. My wi-fi bar is full.... Please update

sucksPosted by H-channel H-channel 2016-07-15

Does not when I open it I made my character then I try to start play still stuck on the main menu

Bad bad badPosted by RIA Hauptfleisch 2016-03-29

I hated it it does not let me into stuff it is terrable I just uninstalled it do not download it!

It made me lagggPosted by rabya ali 2014-08-05

My phone never laged before now it's not opening and it gos back to home screen FIX IT ASAP ok?!?

Can't pass the cupsPosted by SnotKop IsAwesome 2015-09-03

It says no connection and my WiFi is fulll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plzfix

Cups don't workPosted by starfox99 0 2016-06-07

The cups do not work this is terrible I have lots of Internet and it takes lots of time to work

Owner plz read!!!!Posted by Zaid Amer 2014-09-09

Whats the point of having this app if its not a real toonix app cant even move talk or log in

Posted by فيصل خويصات 2015-05-22

This game makes you so angry when i made the toonix i wanted i can't save it is wast of time

Bad.Posted by † c я у Ħ о Þ e † 2016-02-01

When i want to play the screen keeps loading and i cant tap on one of the stages. Hated it

Doesn't loadPosted by Kathleen Corkin 2015-11-09

I made my toon guy and everything but the cups take ages to load it keeps flash loading

Posted by Glenn Roberts 2015-08-05

It says "there is not connection" when my intetnet is fine and my other wifi games work

HATE ITPosted by Lianah Jade Francisco 2015-07-22

I want to type my own name and i can't play in the cup and my WiFi connection is great

Should fix itPosted by Bassem Adel 2015-09-28

It's working but when i entered a cup the game not responding the charactar goes away

Tak boleh mainPosted by Hazia Kamal 2015-08-22

Rumah aku ade wifi tapi takleh main.I HATE THIS GAME. HATE HATE HATE HATE!!*!*!!!!!!!

FIX ITPosted by Abby Hughes 2016-02-22


No network connection Posted by dodi mulla 2015-08-14

I put one star because it's not working always say there is no network connection

Really no cupsPosted by Gamer AR 2016-06-27

This game should be awesome like in PC but it's just a skateboard and don't work

Why its not workingPosted by Lana H 2016-06-08

I want to know that please some body help me to let it work or I will delete it

HorriblePosted by Deven Singh 2016-02-09

I cannot go past the cups where it forces me to go it just shows a loading sign

StupidPosted by Lynn Bothma 2014-03-09

Not enough things to choose from. And not a lot of things you can do with him.

BorringPosted by BombHammer VLOGS 2014-08-30

Just sitting around and playing with your thing. Bad thing in history of apps

Hate itPosted by Toby Tyler 2015-08-17

Doesn't work I tried it 20 times but it still doesn't work so fix it please

Oh wowPosted by Callum Auger 2016-08-26

This app won't even launch it does not work. Shame on you Cartoon Network

toonixPosted by Azwan Janius 2015-08-08

apa punya game ini tak boleh main game lah walau pun rumah aku ada wi fi

LoadingPosted by Siyaya Promotions 2016-06-18

When playing the game it kept on loading throughout the gaming session

Posted by MOMOFIFA HD 2015-08-11

When I open it said that is no connection but I have a big connection

Hated itPosted by Talan Alchalaby 2015-05-24

When u make your toonix it does not save it so the whole game sucks

Bad!Posted by Markus Jude Harder 2014-02-23

Hate this game can't create my own toonix I give it a 1out of 5.

This is so BORING!Posted by Isobel Watkins-Edwards 2013-04-04

There is no point downloading this you can't really do anything.

Not goodPosted by Ellen Woolley 2013-03-27

The character is just white so how do u change it and boring!!!

Posted by Pholoso Israel Hlabatau 2016-08-14

It just keeps on loading by cups like for 10 hours fix it now

Posted by Izrael Aboud 2016-06-26

Dosent wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooork

It doesn't work!Posted by Callum Barraclough 2016-02-18

I downloaded it clicked the play button and it wouldn't work!

StupidPosted by Miran Zovko 2016-01-28

I can't open the levels it's just flashing not doing anything

Well mistakes happenPosted by Marinus Bijl 2015-08-30

You guys have to calm down omg you can't know if he's updatin

Can't even playPosted by Jade Babbt 2015-12-18

I tryed to play then it glitches out worst game on playsotre

Posted by Suni rai 2015-07-03

I cannot download the game whenever I try it shows ERROR 429

Error codesPosted by Mauro Sousa 2015-01-15

Why wont it let me download it fix it and ill ↑ rate-ings

SeifPosted by Seif saso2016 2016-05-17

زي إلزفت أنصحكم تنزلوهاش سدأوني

Evie's epic failPosted by Evie Chinamora 2015-11-03

I hate this game it froze when I lost the skate bord game

What?????Posted by Maha Ejailat 2015-08-23

Bad game i wish if i can give -5 star so booored and SUCK

Posted by Hana Rizvi 2015-08-22

Why there is no connection I think because of the cups

ShamePosted by 2016-09-05

To much annoying loading 4 hour hours and didn't open

Craps GamePosted by Sean Browne 2016-02-20


Posted by Billy Thompson 2015-12-11

Doesnt load at games haaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Computer modePosted by Brynley Mackie 2014-11-22

In computer mode you can make friends so super stupid

Feel my raft!Posted by bunny girl 2016-08-29

What is this? Can't download? My storage is perfreto

Can't playPosted by Lianne 2016-02-17

Whenever I try to skateboard the screen just flashes

Posted by JustKidding 2015-09-16

Its saying I'm not connected when I have full bars

CUPS DO NOT WORK!Posted by Patrick Irwin 2015-11-08

Why do the cups not work!? It just keeps loading!

Posted by ahmed wahsha 2016-06-21

Bad bad v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v bad don't install it

It doesn't workPosted by Akid Dameer 2015-09-27

It just standing and poof gone screen go black

Not goodPosted by Samantha Stephens 2015-04-03

It won't download on my Samsung Galaxy tab

This gamePosted by Flexy Fulton 2016-09-03

This game is a rip off and a big f*cking joke

Needs fixingPosted by 2016-08-13

It won't let me on the game and won't load up

Won't downloadPosted by Cup cake Queen 2016-02-26

It won't download thanks a lot makers of this

ReloadingPosted by Saba Gloveli 2016-03-25

Doesn't work it's reloading and reloading

TerriblePosted by Jaydyn Barrowdale 2016-02-09

I can't even get on a map it just loads;(

Dosint even work at allPosted by Dodo Dodo 2016-09-08

Woooooorsssssstttttt game everrrrrrrrrrr

The worstPosted by Virginia Costeschi 2016-02-17

Cups are not working and it is the worst

Posted by Sarah Norenz 2015-06-28

Won't let me play with the one I created

it cant installPosted by Jessica Aries 2014-04-20

if i an play this it will be much better

CrappyPosted by Reese Thornton 2016-01-16

This game takes way too long to load:-\

Posted by DYLANPLAYZ 2014-06-08

Stupidest game ever do not not download

Posted by Anna Mcloughlin 2014-01-02

you couldn't go around the tonic world!

Oh yeaPosted by Nawfal Razman 2014-05-28

I like those really cute little toonix

NoPosted by KadirBoy900 OzdasGuy900 2015-10-23

It works on my brothers but not mine

Very poorPosted by yasmin hallett 2014-01-16

Rubbish I do not recommend to anyone

Can't play anythingPosted by Chayon Reid 2016-01-24

All I can do is change my character

BoringPosted by David Adepoju 2014-01-01

A good game but not very ecxiting.

WhyPosted by IronFlame 2016-07-17

The cups don't work please fix it

CrashesPosted by Sideways 101 2013-07-10

It crashes every time i opened it

Help!!!!! Cups!!!!!Posted by Ceri Boulton 2016-01-19

You still can't play the cups!!!

BoringPosted by imad imadovisho 2014-05-05

Dont waste ur time on this dumb

Posted by Васил Палатов 2015-08-12

Fuck that game and evevery one

Wont workPosted by vijaybaskar ravinterakumar 2015-08-03

Tell me how to play in the cup

Wont workPosted by Swag gamer 30666 2015-07-19

Tell me how to play in the cup

RubishPosted by Jamie Gardner 2014-01-18

It will not let me download it

ButPosted by Azar Nahmadov 2015-12-25


Too nixeyPosted by Nathaniel Philip 2014-05-14

Rubbish what can you even do?

Posted by Dan Alexandru 2014-07-17

Its suck I hate it screw it

DumPosted by Azarias Seaman 2016-08-18

I can't even play the game

Posted by Omar Hisham 2016-06-26

It can't open !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Gaynor Snaith 2016-05-24

Doesn't load waste of time

CoolPosted by Doxifying 2016-04-18

Add Ben 10 slammers please

Posted by Meowstic Central 2015-12-17

Stops when choosing a race

Posted by asma catgirl 2016-08-10

It doesn't even WORK! !!!

Dis is a peice of shit Posted by Mustang 786 2016-03-29

Y does dis vhen I started

what a bad game !Posted by Mohamed Mones 2015-07-04

why u just make it as pc

Posted by Fatima Cheikh Ali 2016-06-04

Why I cant play the cup

BooooooooooPosted by Patrick McGough 2015-12-24

Do not install the game

Posted by Jessica Nethanya 2015-12-18

Soooo... cuteeeeee.....

CrashedPosted by markipliers magic freaking touch 2015-09-10

Terrible waste of space

Posted by Tobi Williams 2015-05-10

We can't play anything

Posted by Carla Kruger 2016-07-08


ToonixPosted by Wael Salameh 2016-06-18

Is the worst game ever

Posted by mohammed Hewalah 2015-12-10

The cup is not working

Bad gamePosted by Rencia Festus 2015-10-07

Fix the bug of the app

I hate this its crapPosted by Kath qp 2014-11-26

This game is ball crap

IT SUCKSPosted by Ernestas Kriunas 2016-09-03


Posted by yoyo elkhamy 2016-05-23

Loading all the time

I cant pass the cupsPosted by mohamed gaming chanel 2015-12-18

I cant pass the cups

BosanPosted by akimbo tak 2013-12-02

Bosan betul game nih

LongPosted by awsome dude 2016-02-13

Takes long to load

BoooooooPosted by Death Wing 2016-06-20

Stuck on the cups

Posted by Mohammed Naim 2014-05-06


Posted by Mrsecrite fafa 2016-06-10

It doesn't work

WorstPosted by Travis Lucas 2016-04-16


Posted by Timi Williams 2015-08-18

This is boriñg

Posted by Victor Galea 2016-09-13

It doesnt load

Posted by Atanas Kitin 2016-02-13

I h8 this game

Won't workPosted by Conor o keeffe 2016-01-31

Cup won't work

Wont workPosted by Glueglue The gunner 2015-08-10

Cups dont work

WowPosted by Star Adowa Mensah 2016-08-22

Its the worst

STUPID GAMEPosted by Laura Said 2016-05-21


Posted by Jed Amoah 2016-02-21

Terrible game

The only onePosted by Haneen Al Zadjali 2015-08-18

The first one

Doesn't workPosted by Islam Ramadan 2015-08-03

Please fix it

Posted by tombo yey 2015-08-07

Doesn't work

الاعب دي وحيش و انا حملته و انت محج نات و ياقال مفيش نات و هذا مش خطئ هذا خطئ الاعبPosted by Mahmoud Ahmed 2015-08-24

و شكرن

Posted by Nifdi Quliyev 2015-08-03

Won't work

Posted by M.Bergs Bergs 2014-06-17

Its a crap

It Won't Let Me Go To The Cups.Posted by Eli Goosen 2017-01-05

I hate it.

Posted by Ahmed Sameer 2015-08-22

Very bad!

Posted by Chichang Ibrahim 2016-01-22

So cutee

YuilyPosted by Christiano Coutroupis 2015-12-29


Posted by Sondos Elfouly 2015-07-14

Very bad

Posted by Orv Robin 2014-10-04


Posted by Kholisila Plaatjie 2014-08-06


Posted by FuriosThumbs246 #01YOUTUBE 2013-07-11


Posted by Peter Mahata 2016-05-06


Posted by Abdullah & mohamed 2015-08-21


Posted by Seif Mohamed 2015-07-07


NaspaPosted by Contz Alex 2015-07-03


Cups wouldnt workkPosted by Youmna Albustany 2016-03-01


Posted by Sonique Mullings 2017-07-28

Loads for too long terrible

Posted by Raiyanur Rahman 2017-07-22

Bad and boring app dont waste your money in its effort

Posted by NOUR Mohamed 2017-07-03

When I open it it doesn't work

Posted by Se Campbell 2017-06-23

Soooooooooo bad

Posted by Charlotte Spink 2017-06-16

I hate it if you want to play the race

Posted by Fallout Fan 2017-06-15

It won't load

Posted by Isabel Spink 2017-06-12

Every time I try to play (do a race thing)it just loads for ever.fix this plz then I will give you 5 stars.

Posted by M3RKDR1FT 2017-05-28


Posted by 2017-05-21

Why loading I haaate

Posted by Alexander de Lange 2017-05-11

Ek kon nie speel nie

Posted by Oliver Smith 2017-05-10

She I play it it loads the cups forever

Posted by Liako Ntsumi Mona 2017-04-27

Ripe of

Posted by FURYRAPTOR Gaming 2017-04-23

I had really high hopes for this game but it does not even open it just stops at the bw sign! Plz fix for 5 star

Posted by Noor Almarafi 2017-04-22


Posted by corrina annis 2017-04-21

I hate it

Posted by Zacharias Bradley Williams 2017-04-15

Cup games won't work Please help

Posted by 2017-03-31

Just keeps loading And never works

Posted by 2017-03-30

When I downloaded it I was very impressed with the game but when I started to play the cup didn't work

Posted by Makhanani Motapola 2017-03-25

I can't play it because it can't load

Posted by Carina Cormos 2017-03-11

It doesn't work when I try to play the skateboard game,PLEASE FIX IT!!!

Posted by EpicGamer 321 2017-03-10

Ce cacat de aplicatie!

Posted by cartoon episodes 2017-03-10

This game sucks,the cups won't let me pass so I can't play the FRICKIN game plz fix it

Posted by D Jackson 2017-02-21

WORST GAME EVER!!! Couldnt get past loading screen for the cups!!!

Posted by Alpha-Amadu Bah 2017-02-11

It just keeps loading

Posted by Nadia Walters 2017-02-07

what the heck is this

Posted by Lukas Sniaukas 2017-02-01

I am not able to run the game because it crashes on me when I just started.

Posted by 2017-01-30

You always disappoint me cartoon network shame on you you disapointers

Posted by indira widya18 2017-01-22


TerriblePosted by SKYLER PETERSEN petersen 2016-12-20

It does not even load by the cups nice but sucks

StupidPosted by Wolf-dJ Gamer 2016-12-17

I hate it!

Shame on u cnPosted by Ωβεγ τοχιζ 2016-11-28

Worst game ever!!!

Takes so long to load!Posted by Daniel Cloete 2016-11-21

I couldn't even start the game because of it's loading problem!

NevermindPosted by Siana Ladressa 2016-10-31

Moony game

JsPosted by Its Game time 2016-10-22

It won't work it won't load and my phone is new and I've got Internet.

Poo pooPosted by mr boss ting 2016-10-15

All way,s freezes

BòoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoòoooooooooooooooooooooooooPosted by Theo Mushindi 2016-10-04


DumPosted by Azarias Seaman 2016-10-02

I can't even play the game jasmine is so saying the truth

Posted by Ikram Shahmi Zul Hilmi 2016-10-01

this game are loser....

Posted by FNAF IS EPIC! 2016-09-27

Why won't it open up for me

These is so beautiful gamePosted by Muhammad Farzeen khan 2016-09-25

But it is not opeaning when i download this game it is not opening pleas set up

AnnoyingPosted by Isabelle Anyon 2016-09-24

Every time I try play a level it just keeps loading and loading.Please sort out.


Ne-am notat comentariile tale şi avem acum o aplicaţie complet funcţională şi stabilă pe care să te joci din nou.


Creează-ţi propriul avatar Toonix, alege o placă şi dă o tură pe pistele din serialele tale Cartoon Network favorite: Să-nceapă aventura, Ben 10: Omnivers, Uimitoarea lume a lui Gumball şi Un show obişnuit!

Schimbă-i Toonixului tău ochii, gura şi părul sau echipează-l cu costume şi accesorii super.

Toonix nu se tem de cameră! Aşa că fă o poză creaţiei tale unice şi arat-o prietenilor tăi.

Strânge cât mai multe monezi şi poţi debloca mai multe niveluri şi plăci de skateboarding. Le poţi colecţiona în timpul jocului sau le poţi cumpăra de la magazin.

Te poţi juca cu Toonixul tău într-o mulţime de feluri: gândilă-l, pune-l să facă piruete sau să strănute. Descoperă-le pe toate!

"Acest joc conţine achiziţii în interiorul aplicaţiei: cumpără pachete cu stele sau plăteşte pentru a debloca întregul joc
Nu uita: nu este nevoie să faci vreo achiziţie pentru a avea o experienţă de joc nemaipomenită."

Acest joc este disponibil în următoarele limbi: arabă, engleză, franceză, italiană, portugheză, rusă, spaniolă şi turcă.
Dacă ai probleme cu această aplicaţie, contactează-ne la [email protected] Spune-ne ce probleme ai, precum şi ce dispozitiv foloseşti şi versiunea OS.

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